I'm Rolene


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- Love a good road trip

- Dog mom of five

- Huge Dachshund fan

- Own a Ragdoll Cat

- Obsessed with Pasta


- The ultimate optimist

- Lives in Parys

- Somewhat crazy

- Bit of a perfectionist

- Lover of life


A small glimpse into my heart…

I’m Rolene and even though I photograph love for a living, I also have so much more depth to my story and who I am.

I’ve spent the past 20+ years photographing weddings and human connection and have come to realise that the most important moments are felt in the freedom of just being YOU.


I want you to have that freedom on your day, for you to be completely yourself, leaving the space for me to document just that.

I specialise in documenting intimate weddings - an intimate wedding for me is a day where you are surrounded by your closest people and things that is important to you.  

There is so much pressure of how a wedding should look, but what about how it feels? What about skipping the checklists, saying no to some traditions that you’re obligated to, doing something that symbolically represents YOU. If this looks like becoming one with a view that is special to you with your closest people as witness, or just the two of you and your dog, or maybe even becoming one with 100 people that are all so important to you, there to celebrate with you, I’m all about it.

This day should scream YOU in every way, whether adventurous or not. I am here to preserve moments and meaning for you to look back on.


I understand and love that my approach is not for everyone.

I genuinely love how I'm able to connect with couples who have the same approach to love and values that I have.

My couples are kind, creative, and think outside the box.

They love good style elements and timeless fashion, love some traditions but mostly want to throw a wedding that feels like THEM.

Most of all, my couples treat others with love and respect, they value family, and know that their wedding day is about expressing themselves.