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Kelly + Reinhard : Bump Shoot with Horses

Bump shoots are a beautiful way to capture the precious moments of pregnancy, and when combined with the natural beauty of horses and cosmos flowers, the result is truly breathtaking.

The majestic beauty of horses has been admired for centuries, and their grace and elegance make them a perfect companion for an expecting mother. Their calm and gentle nature makes them an ideal animal to work with during a bump shoot. Horses have an undeniable presence and their energy can be felt by everyone around them.

Whether you choose to include the horses in the shots or simply use them as a backdrop, they add a certain energy and presence to the shoot that is hard to replicate with any other animal.

Incorporating natural elements into a bump shoot is a beautiful way to create a lasting memory of this special time. Horses and cosmos flowers are just two examples of how you can add a touch of nature to your bump shoot.


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